Recommended Newsletters

I find newsletters to be a tremendously useful way of keeping abreast of the fields – media industries, blockchain, tech industry – I study. Here are a few I find especially useful. If you know of other relevant newsletters feel free to recommend them in the comments section.

Blockchain: Chain Letter is a relatively (it’s about the blockchain after all) accessible newsletter regarding crypto-currencies and other forms of distributed databases. Published by the MIT Technology Review. Link includes other newsletters.

American media: Media & News is an excellent daily newsletter that the Pew Research Center publishes that curates headlines on the American media industry.

Music industry: Penny Fractions is published by a Spotify employee (independently from the company). Focuses on the digital music industry. Named after the miniscule amounts of revenue musicians receive from the streaming platforms.

Telecom and regulation: Daily Headlines from the (mostly American) telecommunications industry and updates from the regulatory agencies .

Podcasts: Opinionated news on and analysis of the developing podcasting industry (Hot Pod)

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