Recommended Podcasts

The Guardian Football Weekly is often better than watching the games themselves. It is definitely funnier.

Talking Politics is a terrific podcast on… (mostly British) politics, presented by political scientist David Runciman (who has also published an excellent book on “How Democracy Ends” – ch.1 on how coups happen in modern democracies is especially illuminating). I wouldn’t understand half of what I think I now understand about Brexit if it weren’t for this podcast. More recently (May 2020), Runciman launched a spin-off podcast consisting of a series of excellent lectures he delivers, each one devoted to a political thinker crucial to understanding modern politics beginning with Thomas Hobbes. If you’ve slept through a political theory/philosophy class, this is your chance to catch up.

The NYT Book Review podcast often has good interviews with authors and book reviewers and news about the publishing industry. While the hosting style of the Times’ The Daily is an acquired taste, the production resources invested in this podcast are significant and some of the episodes are superbly informative.

Pocket Animals (חיות כיס) is an outstanding Hebrew language podcast on economics. I think they adapted the format NPR’s Planet Money developed and made it better. Their episode on the business of Christian holy sites in Israel is excellent.